Ship Bridge View showing High Realism with Dynamic Floating Pontoons 'CATS'
Aerobel provides off-the-shelf and customised realtime visual systems for Ship Bridge Simulators.

For example, the company recently upgraded - as a turnkey system - the realtime visuals of a Ship Bridge Simulator in Belgium. This 5-channel visual system provides:
  • a field of view of ~225 degrees
  • high fidelity geospecific ports with 30Hz frame rate at 1024x768 pixel resolution
  • realistic sea with fully-responsive dynamic objects (eg ships & buoys)
  • control of global sea state and locally-varying sea conditions
  • control of time of day, sun angle & met visibility
  • quadraphonic sound
  • reliable communications with the host computer.

Aerobel's visual systems are based on commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware & software tools together with customised software to provide Customers with the following benefits:

  • reduced initial procurement cost & whole-life cost
  • maximum flexibility
  • protected software investment through the use of open format software
  • significant growth potential (eg for increased database complexity and higher resolution displays).

Aerobel's Ship Bridge visual systems incorporate key features such as:

  • anti-aliased, fully-phototextured out-the-window views at high frame rates
  • detailed ships/entities with smooth level of detail switching
  • smooth dynamic ship motion with collision detection even with a low update rate from the host computer
  • spatially-varying dynamic sea with control of global sea state and local amplitudes
  • dynamic response of ships/buoys over whole sea
  • bow waves & stern wakes and directional wakes for tugs
  • dynamic components (eg lights, radars, cranes, lock gates)
  • wind-induced effects (eg smoke/exhaust plumes & flags)
  • changing ship signals automatically from day to night
  • dynamic signals on-shore (controlled by an external signalling model).

Aerobel also provides:

  • database converters (eg to import proprietary data formats into the COTS 3D modelling tools) for the generation/modification of geospecific databases & their associated radar displays
  • database modelling services
  • after-action review facilities
  • DIS-compliance
  • desktop PC-based visual systems.

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Aerobel's Visual Systems for Ship Bridge Simulators

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